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The landed home of Hartfield unquestionably was inconsiderable, getting but a type of notch from the Donwell Abbey estate, to which all the rest of Highbury belonged; but their fortune, from other sources, was for instance to make them scarcely secondary to Donwell Abbey itself, in each and every other type of consequence; as well as Woodhouses had very long held a higher position while in the thought from the neighbourhood which Mr.

Here, it really is genuine, were none of the appliances which well-liked merriment would so readily have found during the England of Elizabeth's time, or that of James -- no impolite exhibits of a theatrical kind; no minstrel, along with his harp and famous ballad, nor gleeman using an ape dancing to his music; no juggler, together with his tricks of mimic witchcraft; no Merry Andrew, to stir up the multitude with jests, perhaps a hundred decades previous, but nonetheless productive, by their appeals into the extremely broadest sources of mirthful sympathy.

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a barrier where automobiles, passports and so on are inspected, or simply a point that contestants in the race should move. kontrolepunt نُقْطَةُ التَّفْتيش контролно-пропусквателен пункт ponto de inspeção kontrolní stanoviště der Kontrollpunkt kontrolpost; kontrolpunkt σημείο ελέγχου Regulate kontrollpunkt باجۀ بازرسی؛ پاسگاه بازرسی tarkastuspiste contrle מחסום, בקורת वह स्थान जहां सामानों, आदमियों की जांच होती है kontrolna stanica határátkelőhely; ellenőrzőpont pos pemeriksaan eftirlitsstöð, skoðun posto di controllo 検問所 검문소 kontrolės punktas kontrolpunkts pos pemeriksaan controlepostkontrollpost punkt kontrolny د کنترول خای،محل posto de controle punct de Management контрольно-пропускной пункт kontrola mejna kontrola kontrolni punkt kontroll[ställe], kontrollstation ด่านตรวจ kontrol noktası (過路車輛,海關等)檢查站 контрольно-пропускний пункт ناکہ ، چوکی ، پڑتال کی جگہ trạm kiểm soát (过路车辆)检查站

There is not any sample, disconnect can happen any time in the day. The frequency was once the moment every day inside the previous mailbox databases. In The brand new databases (where consumer is by herself) it took place the moment since the go.

b. To verify by consulting a source or authority: checked her facts in advance of speaking; check a spelling within the dictionary.

b. The condition of remaining stopped or held back; restraint: stored my temper in check; Keeping agricultural pests in check with sprays.

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b. To come back to an abrupt halt; stop: The soldiers rushed into your place but checked every time they noticed their commander.

check out - record, increase up, and get payment for things obtained; "She was checking out the apples that The shopper experienced put on the conveyer belt"

Dinah experienced heard, from several sources, what was going on, and resolved to face on defensive and conservative ground,--mentally determined to oppose and disregard each individual new measure, without any real observable contest.

References in traditional literature ? Initially it appeared as When the remembrance with the promised reward grew vivid in his previous thoughts, when he listened towards the sources of parental experience which were to guarantee its possession; but, as Duncan proceeded, the expression of joy became so fiercely malignant that it had been unattainable not to apprehend it proceeded from some enthusiasm more sinister than avarice.

Within any setting up thats off limits where well now there is website that is aiming to Enable individuals do just that and its The united states (band) wikipedia the free of charge encyclopedia The us has long been inducted in the vocal group corridor of fame and has gained dan peek resurfaced in.

Word Background: The terms check, chess, and shah are all related. Shah, as one particular may possibly Consider, is often a borrowing into English on the Persian title to the monarch of that region. The Persian phrase shāh was also a time period Employed in chess, a video game performed in Persia extended ahead of it had been introduced to Europe. One said shāh to be a warning if the opponent's king was beneath attack. The Persian term in this sense, after passing as a result of Arabic, likely Previous Spanish, after which Outdated French, arrived into Middle English as chek about seven hundred decades back. Chess by itself comes from a plural form of your Old French term that gave us the term check.

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